Voice and Data are tried and true services. They have been available for decades and gone through several evolutions and have even collided with the advent of VoIP. However, they are now seen a basic services, they have well establish competition, price points and performance standards. Indeed they are becoming commodities and seeing tremendous price compression. They are not to be overlooked or underestimated as they are absolutely mission critical elements to any business, but they may not require as much time and research when comparing providers. What is interesting is that almost all of the older carriers are now beginning to offer Non-Traditional services. But just because some companies have been around for 25+ years and are known around the world for these traditional services does not necessarily mean they can deliver top quality solutions in the newer Non-Traditional services. Let PSI help you make a good sound decision, we know who is good at the old stuff and great at the new stuff and which which ones seem to be able to do them both.