Whether your company is looking to procure/optimize cloud technologies or build a successful cloud sales practice, the Telergent/PSI team’s experienced Cloud Coaches can increase project speed-to-market, reduce risks, improve efficiency and reduce TCO. Our team’s Cloud Coaches are experts in all things cloud, connected to 100+ cloud services providers, and compensated entirely by the CSPs you select. Trust your Telergent Cloud Coach with the project heavy lifting while you maintain focus on important corporate objectives. With such a wide range of cloud services providers in the Telergent/PSI portfolio, our Cloud Coaches offer expert advice and easy access to almost any cloud service on the market today. If you’re looking for a specific cloud services provider (global, local, DaaS specialist, etc.), we’ve got you covered. We offer access to 100+ CSPs and can coordinate engagements on your behalf. Our Cloud Coaches can also negotiate special pricing with the CSP, reducing TCO over the life of the contract! Contact us today to get your Cloud Coach to get started!