With over 17 years of experience in integrated IT and technology services, Adam Meyn has forged a reputation as a dedicated and conscientious professional who prioritizes customer service and family values above all else. A firm believer in the philosophy that “technology MUST be harmonious with nature,” Adam has devoted his career to helping businesses adopt sustainable, eco-friendly solutions without compromising efficiency or performance.
As a seasoned technology consultant, Adam offers his clients a comprehensive range of services, including project management, infrastructure, IT, cloud, logistics, and energy-efficient network services. His vast network of business connections and partnerships allows him to provide turnkey solutions for businesses, ensuring they receive the highest-quality services from experts in their respective fields.
Adam’s commitment to compassionate technology seeks to bridge the gap between human connections and technological advancements, fostering a sense of unity and harmony in a world increasingly driven by innovation. He envisions a future powered by clean, green, organic solutions, with hemp and cannabis at the forefront of sustainability efforts.

In his professional life, Adam emphasizes long-term, bridge-building sales and support, always striving to find the best solutions for his clients. He welcomes peer review and accountability, ensuring that he continually refines and improves his services.

Notable Projects:

  • Managed IT for Cookies Maywood.
  • Oversaw telecom and IT projects for Captain Jacks.
  • Achieved $3M in sales with Seabright Distribution.
  • Co-founded ReThink Pay, transforming fintech.

At the heart of Adam’s work is a commitment to co-op collaborations and confident-kindness, embodying the spirit of being a good human. With a focus on sustainability, compassion, and technology, Adam Meyn is leading the charge in creating a greener, more connected future for all. 

Co-op-Collaborations of Confident-Kindness!

Adam Meyn

Co-op-Collaborations of Confident-Kindness!
Be a good human,

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Doug R.
Doug R.
Richmond, CA
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Adam at Telergent is a compassionate consultant who cares about his clients. I have worked with Adam in multiple deals for almost a year now and he hustles and carries his share of the project from beginning to end. Another benefit of working with Adam at Telergent, is his unending energy and ability to put together many businesses to bring the best outcome of his customer. He truly understands networking, telecommunications, and the burgeoning cannabis industry. Thank you Adam for helping me throughout our projects!
Haylie B.
Haylie B.
Long Beach, CA
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Passionate, dedicated and informative. Adam genuinely cares to see everyone succeed. He is consistently supportive, positive and honest. I promise you'll never be disappointed by the customer service and knowledge that Adam and his super team delivers!
Anthony W.
Anthony W.
Murrieta, CA
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Adam and his team are awesome! This is a one stop shop for everything you need! Adam is extremely passionate about what he does which is rare nowadays.
Lynn B.
Lynn B.
Covina, CA
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Adam and his team are a pleasure to work with. We are amazed at his networking skills and the efficient way he conducts business. It's nice to be able to count on him to get a job well done. Thank-you
Edwin M.
Edwin M.
Stevenson Ranch, CA
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Cookies Los Angeles has been using CannaTech Network services for two years. It all started with some IT support and it has now become our go to resource support. From a simple packaging need to a complex solar power/generator back up power upgrade Adam is our go to guy. Strongly recommend their services. A+++

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Our Core Values

🌱 Respect for Earth and its inhabitants is non-negotiable

🌱 High-quality customer service is our cornerstone

🌱 We band together, pooling our collective skills and talents to create a more powerful and effective whole, much like how an orchestra combines individual instruments into a symphony of sound.

🌱 Assistance and kindness aren’t just sentiments; they’re practices that boost morale and productivity.

🌱 Moral integrity guides our decisions. 

🌱 Honesty and truth form the basis of all our interactions, promoting trust and fostering long-lasting relationships.

🌱 We believe in fair deals, balancing work involved, and commission earned.

🌱 We look ahead, planning for the future. 

🌱 Staying updated on tech and business development is essential in this rapidly evolving world. 

🌱 Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and we embrace humility, knowing that it leads to more outstanding leadership.

🌱 Accountability is more than a buzzword; it’s integral to our professional ethos.

🌱 “Let the facts speak” is our motto, ensuring that decision-making is based on solid evidence, not ego.

🌱 The phrase “That’s not my job!” is obsolete in our vocabulary. 

🌱 Creating a better life for everyone is everyone’s job, fostering an environment of shared responsibility.

🌱 We aim for win-win scenarios.